MD Marcus

constellation’s concession

outstretched hand
petite crescent moon
lying on its back
lingers for a while
held up by the want

and the stars
wearied by
wishes that travel
light-years to reach
them long after
the supplicant is dust
and lighted candles
never having a chance

to grant anything
more and much less
than the filling of
hollowed spaces
and empty hands

md mMD Marcus is a freelance writer and poet who loves keys, the color blue, and a good nude illusion.  Recent work can be found on Salon as well as in Rat’s Ass Review, Femmewise Cat Part I, Calliope Magazine, The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, In-Flight Literary Magazine, The Round Up, the Monkey Star Press anthology “Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness”, and the Red Dashboard Publishing anthology, “dis-or-der.” Follow/Like her on Instagram and Facebook, and visit her at


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